5 Pesky Mistakes

It’s easy to pick up bad habits and not notice the ways you are sabotaging your game. But once you notice the mistakes you are making and start practicing the ways to fix them, you will see your pickleball game improve very quickly! Here are 5 of the most common pickleball mistakes and ways to avoid them.

Scooting Forward

If you start scooting forward after you serve, you will not be prepared if your opponent hits a deep return, a common strategy in pickleball. Practice hitting a serve and staying in place behind the baseline until it becomes a new habit.

Standing Back

After you’ve stayed behind the baseline for the third shot, then you want to start moving forward. You stop moving forward once you’ve reached the non-volley line. Pay attention to where you stand because playing too far behind the non-volley line exposes your feet, making it easier for your opponent to hit the ball at them. It also will be different than where you typically practice, increasing your chances of hitting the ball into the net.

Hitting Every Ball

When the ball is high and flying towards your shoulder or your face, it is easy to react by defensively blocking it with the paddle. Most of these balls will end up going out of bounds if you let them go. Practice being disciplined to not react to those high balls and allow you to score an easy point.

Playing Catch

Remember that winning a point often means letting your opponent make the mistake, but this doesn’t mean you have to make it easy for them. Try to aim low when you return the ball rather than hitting it directly back to them.

Missing the Forehand

Play to your strengths. If the ball comes in the middle when you are playing doubles, be strategic. Let your partner take the shot if it is on their forehand side, allowing a more powerful return to your opponents.

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