5 Pickleball New Year's Resolutions For You!

Another year has come and gone...and with the new year comes a time to set goals and start fresh. We want to help you continue improving your game in 2020, so today we are giving you 5 Pickleball New Year's Resolutions that you can add to your list!

1. Practice your footwork every day

You can practice your footwork just about anywhere! Take time out of your day to use an agility ladder or drill some new steps.

2. Play in a tournament

Never signed up for a tournament? Give it a shot this year! If you already play in tournaments, challenge yourself to add another one to your list or sign up for doubles with a partner.

3. Try a new paddle

It is easy to get in the habit of using the same paddle you are comfortable with, but trying a new paddle can be a great way to improve your game. You may find that a different paddle fits better with the level of play you are at now.

4. Teach a friend how to play pickleball

Why keep this fun sport to yourself? Find someone who hasn’t played pickleball before and invite them to join you! Who knows...they may find that they love pickleball as much as you do!

5. Have fun!

Pickleball is a social sport and it is supposed to be enjoyed. So, have a great time meeting new people, learning new moves and playing the game!

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