Faster Feet on the Court

Don't Be Trippin'

Footwork is a key element in every pickleball game! On the court, you have to stay on the balls of your feet and react quickly. Your goal is to get to the ball as quickly as possible, allowing yourself time to get set for your swing. Find your balance between being on the balls of your feet and staying grounded. You do not want your focus on staying on the balls of your feet to cause you to lose your balance. Staying grounded also allows you to push off and accelerate faster when moving across the court.

Foot Placement

When you are ready to swing, your foot placement is just as important! If you stop running and keep your feet in place during your swing, you will hit the ball with more power and consistency. Even when hitting volleys at the net, your feet should stay still. Engage your lower body when you swing and you will hit the ball with even more power, causing your opponent to have less time to get to the ball and increasing your chance of scoring a point.

Two Left Feet

This also means that you need the right pair of shoes to help you feel lighter and move quicker on the court! Having a lightweight pair of shoes can ensure that you don’t feel weighed down when reacting during a fast-paced game. Shoes with extra stability help you keep your balance during play. Find a pair that works perfectly for you when you shop our incredible selection of women's and men's court shoes at!


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