Keeping Pickleball Healthy

USAPA has canceled tournaments and many indoor pickleball courts have closed their doors. Whether you are still playing or you are self-quarantined at home, we encourage you to stay safe and active!


Playing Pickleball

By now, you know all the rules: wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay more than 6 feet apart, and stay home if you are sick. But there are some other ways that we recommend to be more mindful and avoid spreading germs.

1. Don’t Share!

Of course, we all love helping one another and introducing more people to the incredible sport of pickleball, but now is not the best time to share pickleball equipment. Make sure to use your own paddle and if you have to share, use disinfecting wipes to clean off the handle of your paddle. You can also use wipes to disinfect your pickleballs after the game.

2. Give Singles a Shot

Maybe social distancing is a chance to step outside of your comfort zone. Find another player and try playing singles, giving yourselves more room on the court and following the guidelines of the CDC.


Quarantined At Home

Maybe your pickleball court has already closed or you are not able to leave your house. There are still ways that you can stay active and practice pickleball from home.

1. Work on Your Serve

If the weather is warm enough and you have space outside, start practicing your serve. Place a hula hoop out in your yard and stand about 40 feet away with a bucket of pickleballs. Practice releasing the ball and hitting it with your paddle, aiming for the hula hoop with your serve. This is a great way to gain consistency for the next time you hit the courts.

2. Practice the Basics

You can always practice basic footwork with space indoors. You can also retain your muscle memory by drilling the motion of your swing with your paddle in your hand. You will also benefit by just staying active. Taking walks whenever you are able and working out from home will help clear your mind and keep you in shape.

Whether you are playing pickleball like normal or stuck staying home, it is very important to stay connected! Our pickleball community is like our family and we need to look out for one another. If you have are self-quarantined or you know a fellow player who is, reach out to them and see how they are doing. Give them a call or send them a message to let them know you are thinking about them and looking forward to playing with them again!

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