Learn More About Your Pickleballs

A wiffle ball was originally used when the game of pickleball was invented. As the game developed, so did designs for a new ball. Both pickleballs and wiffle balls are about the same size and made out of hard plastic, but what makes them different?

Pickleballs vs Wiffle Balls

Pickleballs weigh a little more than wiffle balls. Pickleballs typically weigh between 0.8 and 1.02 ounces while wiffle balls weigh about 0.7 ounces. The holes in a wiffle ball are cut in an oblong shape in 8 spots on one side of the ball. On the other hand, the pickleball has between 26 and 40 round holes that must be evenly spaced around the ball.

Outdoor Pickleballs vs Indoor Pickleballs

Typically outdoor balls have more holes than those made for indoors. These holes are smaller to decrease impact from the wind. Outdoor pickleballs are made slightly heavier and harder, which allows them to last longer in the elements. They also allow for faster shots but do not provide as much control. Since these balls are exposed to the elements, they usually need replaced more often than indoor balls. With harder play, they are more likely to crack or lose their circular shape. It is not recommended to use outdoor balls for indoor play as they tend to skid rather than bounce on gym floors.

Indoor pickleballs are lighter and often have 26 large holes. They hurt less when you are hit with them and are not as loud to play with since they are made with a softer plastic. These balls do not bounce as high and offer more control to the player. Indoor balls can also crack although it is more likely that they develop soft spots and become too soft for play.

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