Need a New Paddle?

We know many of you have a favorite brand or pair of shoes that keep you feeling great on the court. Many of you also have a paddle that works best for you and that you bring to every game.

We never want your paddle to limit your game, which is why we are sharing with you the best ways to tell if your paddle is "dead" and needs replaced.

Do I Need a New Paddle?

Do I need a new paddle?

How does it look?

If you can feel an unevenness on the face of your paddle or there are visible dents when looking at your paddle from different angles, this could be limiting your control of the ball. If the paddle appears worn down, this could mean it is time to get a new paddle.

How dies it sound?

If your paddle starts sounding dull or you notice a difference in the sound it makes when the ball hits the sweet spot, your paddle may have developed a dead spot. This typically means that the paddle has simply reached the end of its lifespan.

How does it respond?

If the ball does not bounce off your paddle as easily or your paddle seems to have lost its power, it may be time for your paddle to retire. When your paddle stops performing as well as it used to, a new paddle can help bring power back to your game.


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