Pickleball All Year Round!

As cooler weather starts making its appearance in the Midwest, many sports begin to wrap up their seasons. As pickleball players, we simply continue playing...indoors! In other regions, pickleball players are moving back outdoors now that the summer heat has ended. And of course, some pickleball players prefer playing indoors all year round. Although the game does not change, there are some elements that are different when playing indoors. For example, what happens if the ball hits an object? Why is the ball bouncing differently? And do you need different equipment to play indoors?

Time to Bounce

Many pickleball players use the same court shoes and paddles for indoor and outdoor play, although some players have found that they prefer to use a softer paddle when playing indoors and a harder paddle for outdoor pickleball. The main difference found in equipment when playing pickleball indoors is the pickleballs themselves. Outdoor pickleballs have smaller holes to help control the impact of the wind. They are also made of a harder plastic, which increases the speed of the ball. Indoor pickleballs are made from softer plastic and are not as heavy as outdoor pickleballs. This allows them to bounce better on indoor surfaces such as gym floors.

Facing New Obstacles

Playing indoors removes the challenge of playing in different weather, but it can add new obstacles, such as walls, basketball hoops and low hanging lights. Other distracting elements include extra lines on the floor and the echo that comes after hitting the ball. These new obstacles can cause a learning curve when switching pickleball environments, but learning to play indoors and outdoors can help increase your advantage as a pickleball player! Join us on Facebook to tell us about your pickleball experiences! Do you play inside to avoid the heat or the cold? Which do you prefer: outdoor or indoor pickleball play?

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