Pickleball Strategy

How can you change your strategy to improve your game?

Time After Time

Most points in pickleball are won by letting your opponent make a mistake. Practicing basic strokes over and over will help keep you in the game longer. Some easy ways to drill your strokes are:

1 - Have someone toss the ball to you. Have them switch between forehand and backhand to keep you on your toes.

2 - Hit the ball back and forth with another player. This is an easy activity with a net set up on your driveway.

3 - Practice hitting a ball towards a wall, and let the wall return the ball to you. Aim for as many hits as you can without letting the ball double bounce.

Shoot High, Aim Low

When playing doubles, aim for the middle. The gap between your two opponents is a weaker spot as both of your opponents will move towards the ball unless they communicate well. Also try to keep your shots low by hitting the ball down. Hitting the ball too high will allow your opponent to hit a fast and low return and win the point.

Lack of Communication

For doubles players, make sure to plan your communication strategy with your partner. What are ways you can anticipate and read their moves making your play seamless? Having a plan will strengthen your game and prepare you for shots down the center.

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