Protect Your Pickleball Paddle!

One of the best things you can do to help extend the life of your paddle is to simply make sure you are handling it with care. Simple routines like cleaning your paddle after use and protecting it from extreme temperatures can help your paddle play better and last longer.

Wipe the Sweat Away

Your paddle works almost as hard as you do in a game of pickleball, so remember to wipe the dirt and oils off the paddle after you play. Pickleball paddles should not be soaked, but you can use a damp cloth, Wet Wipe or glass cleaner to clean the face of the paddle. This keeps the graphics looking brighter and can help you gain more spin on the ball. Wiping away the sweat from the grip will also keep it better longer. Just make sure to let it dry completely before you put it away.

Don’t Lose Your Grip

You may need to replace your grip if any build-up causes it to become slippery or the cushion is no longer there. Changing the grip on your paddle is easy to do and can make it much easier to hold on to your paddle! You may even find a grip that works better for you.

Make it! Don’t Break it.

Avoid leaving your paddle in extreme temperatures for extended periods of time. A paddle that is left in the cold is more likely to break from becoming brittle while high temperatures can cause damage by softening the face of the paddle. Also, keep your paddle from getting soaked in the rain or getting submerged in liquid. Water can easily get trapped inside the core of the paddle causing even more damage.

On and Off the Court

When you are on the court, don’t harm your paddle by hitting it against the net, fence or court. You can also keep your paddle protected by placing it in a bag or using a paddle cover when it is not in use.




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  • While playing in Abq, in July, we took a time out, placed our paddles down on court. When time was called and I picked up my paddle, my grip was soft, and coming off. I recommend at least covering with a towel. I also NEVER leave my paddles ( or golf clubs) in my car.

    Jamie Elliott

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