Teaching Pickleball to Friends

Pickleball is an easy sport to learn and even easier when you have a friend to help you!

Hitting It Off

The best way to start learning the game is by just hitting the ball. Show them how to hit the ball and then toss the ball towards them so that they can practice hitting. Once they are comfortable hitting the ball over the net, you can attempt a rally.

Keeping Score

Don’t start with the score! The score can be confusing when they are trying to learn the basics. Let them get used to hitting the ball and following the rules before you introduce scoring.

One Thing At A Time

It’s easy to get excited and start sharing lots of tips and information. Of course you want to share your pickleball knowledge with your friend! But try to take it one step at a time. Teach them something, let them try it a while and then give them a new piece to concentrate on next. This way they do not feel overwhelmed and can enjoy learning the game.

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