Trick or Treat?

The best way to prepare for adding trick shots to your game is to drill the basics. The more comfortable you get with how the ball bounces and where to position your racquet, the easier it will be to add fun moves to your game and help you win more points.

Behind the Back

A fun trick shot that can surprise your opponent is a shot behind the back. This can be a difficult shot as you can no longer watch the ball as it hits your paddle. However, this shot is perfect for when the ball comes behind your back and your momentum is still pulling you forward. To hit this shot, bring your arm behind your back with the paddle face open and use your wrist to give a forward push when it makes contact with the ball.

Around the Post

Many players think that an around the post shot is a difficult trick shot, but it really just requires a specific set up. The first thing necessary for an around the post shot is for the ball to be hit cross court at a deep angle. The deeper the angle and the closer the ball bounces to the edge line the more likely your around the post shot will be successful. Although you cannot control how your opponent hits the ball, the step in this shot that you can control is when you hit the ball. When the ball bounces, let it begin to descend and pull you farther off the court. After it has descended and is close to the second bounce, use your paddle to redirect the ball to the back corner of your opponent’s side of the court.

Trick shots can help you strategize and win the game by surprising your opponent. Visit our Facebook page for some fun videos of these trick shots used by players like Dave Weinbach and the Johns brothers!

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