What's Inside Your Paddle?

You just can’t play pickleball without a paddle!

As an extremely important piece of equipment for your game, we wanted to share with you some extra details about how paddles are made and how different components can impact your play.

At the Core

Paddle cores are typically made with polymer, nomex or aluminum. Polymer cores, also referred to as polypropylene, tend to last longer than other cores. Polymer can be left solid in the core or could have a honeycomb cut. The honeycomb core is preferred by many pickleball players because of the added thickness and texture. The polymer material offers incredible touch without a high price.

Paddle cores made with nomex are louder than other paddles. With the rigid nomex core, the paddle creates a popping noise when it makes contact with the ball. However, the rigid core also adds power to your swing, allowing you to play more aggressively.

Aluminum cores provide a thicker core, making it heavier than other paddles. These paddles provide amazing control to the player. The downside of aluminum cores is that they are easily dented. Because of this, many paddles are moving away from aluminum cores.

On the Surface

The materials used to make the surface of the paddle are carbon fiber, composite, and graphite. Paddles made with a carbon fiber surface have the advantage of increased versatility. This material allows the player to have more control over the speed of the ball due to the amazing deflection response. They also have a larger sweet spot than other paddles and offer an amazing amount of spin. These paddles also tend to be more expensive, both to purchase and manufacture.

Composite paddles are made with a fiberglass surface. Weighing in slightly heavier than other paddles, fiber glass adds texture to the paddle increasing the spin potential in your game. The material is soft, which makes it more likely to breakdown quickly. The sweet spot is small on these paddles, but they are still perfect for any level of play.

Graphite paddles have the smallest sweet spot out of the surface options. Graphite paddles are lighter due to their surfaces being thin, which makes these paddles susceptible to crack or chip but also makes it easier to swing with power. The graphite surface is also very stiff, adding some extra pop to your game.


Find a paddle that feels like it was made for you!

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