Why Pickleball Shoes?

The shoes you choose for playing pickleball are so important! There are several advantages that come with wearing pickleball shoes when on the court.

The most important reason to buy pickleball shoes is for your safety. Court shoes are designed to provide support for the forward, backward and lateral movement seen in pickleball. Running shoes lack the support needed for moving side to side on the court. This lack of support leaves you more susceptible to sprains, rolled ankles, pulled muscles and other injuries.

Pickleball shoes provide more than just ample support for your side to side movement. They are also designed with better traction and stability for each time you start or stop quickly. The low to the ground feel you get with court shoes allows you to move faster across the court.

Don’t forget to avoid blisters by breaking in your new shoes before wearing them on the courts! Keep taking care of those feet so you can keep enjoying the game of pickleball!

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