adidas Court PB Womens Pickleball Shoe

adidas Court PB Womens Pickleball Shoe

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Elevate your pickleball prowess with the adidas Court PB Women's Pickleball Shoes. Crafted to unleash your peak performance on the court, these men's shoes are a fusion of lightweight precision and responsive comfort. Designed for agility, they boast a low-cut silhouette that empowers you to move swiftly, making every step count.

The key to these shoes' exceptional performance lies in their herringbone-patterned outsole. Engineered with precision, it strategically places durable rubber to amplify grip and elevate your court feel. Whether you're dominating the pickleball court or swinging your way through a game of pickleball, these shoes are your ultimate ally.

Unleash your potential and ensure you stay in the game with the adidas Court PB Pickleball Shoes. Your journey to pickleball excellence starts with the perfect pair of footwear, and these shoes are here to take you to new heights.

Color: White/Silver/Lemon

Average Weight: 12 oz. (size 8.5)