Thorlo Light Cushion Crew Black Pickleball Sock

Thorlo Light Cushion Crew Black Pickleball Sock

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Elevate your Pickleball game with Thorlo Performance Socks. Engineered with precision, these socks provide superior support, comfort, and performance on the court. The over-the-toe padding protects against fast stops and lateral movements, while the engineered mesh keeps your feet cool and dry. With arch support and a comfort toe seam, these socks offer exceptional comfort and pain-free performance. Featuring moisture-wicking THOR•WICK cooling fibers and specialized padding for Pickleball, they reduce impact and pressure on critical zones. Crafted with 78% polyester, 15% nylon, and 7% elastic, these socks ensure durability. Made in the USA, Thorlo Performance Socks are the perfect choice to enhance your Pickleball experience. 2 socks per pack.

Color: Black

  • XSMALL: WOMEN'S (5-6.5) | MEN'S --
  • SMALL: WOMEN'S (7-9) | MEN'S (6-8)
  • MEDIUM: WOMEN'S (9.5-11.5) | MEN'S (8.5-10)
  • LARGE: WOMEN'S -- | MEN'S (10.5-11.5)
  • XLARGE: WOMEN'S -- | MEN'S (12-14)