adidas CourtJam Control 3 Mens Tennis Shoe

adidas CourtJam Control 3 Mens Court Shoe

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Fit Tip:
  • Length: True to size
  • Width: Medium
  • Arch: Medium
  • Overall Fit: Little to no break-in

Elevate your pickleball prowess with the CourtJam Control 3 Men's Court Shoes. Designed to optimize your performance on the court, these shoes integrate cutting-edge features inspired by hero models and tailored for commercial demand. The upper not only provides crucial lateral stability but also offers abrasion protection, ensuring your shoes withstand intense gameplay. Engineered with an upgraded midsole platform and foam cushioning, these shoes offer unparalleled support, helping you stay agile with every step on the court.

Experience exceptional traction and control with the grippy outsole, empowering you to dominate each point with confidence. The midfoot cages, crafted from synthetic leather elements, deliver dynamic support specifically tailored for lateral movements. What sets these shoes apart is their commitment to sustainability – their carbon footprint has been meticulously measured, showcasing adidas' initiative in reducing environmental impact through material selection and weight reduction. As part of the ""MOVE FOR THE Planet"" campaign, the CourtJam Control 3 is your stride towards a more sustainable future on and off the court.

Color: Black/White/Grey

Weight: 14.8 oz. (Size 10.5)