Babolat XPLR Pickleball Paddle

Babolat XPLR Pickleball Paddle

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The pickleball courts are packed and you want in on the fun. Thanks to all-around playability in a user-friendly package, the Babolat XPLR is the perfect paddle to develop your game as you develop your love affair with pickleball. Benefits include: (C3H6)N HONEYCOMB CORE: A high strength to weight ratio Polypropylene honeycomb core. COMPOSITE SKIN: A fiberglass material for superior tolerance, control, and spin. SHOCK RESISTANT BUMPER: A strong edge guard to protect your paddle when the game gets rough.

Paddle Specifications

  • Paddle Weight: 7.7 oz.
  • Paddle Face: Carbon/Fiberglass
  • Core Material: Polypropylene honeycomb core
  • Paddle Length: 16""
  • Paddle Width: 7-7/8""
  • Grip Length: 4 up to 1/8""
  • Grip: Syntec Uptake