Head Radical Tour Pickleball Paddle

Head Radical Tour Pickleball Paddle

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Take to the pickleball courts with the all-new Radical Tour. The Radical paddles offer ultimate power thanks to the thicker core. The Radical Tour offers massive spin potential with a stiffer core for optimal control. This paddle allows for added stability for easier volley potential. Slightly lighter than the Tour CO weighing in around 7.9 ounces.

Technology features of the Radical Tour include: Graphite Hitting Surface The lightweight surface helps give the paddle a reactive nature to create excellent pop on the ball while maintaining incredible touch and feel. A new extended power core offers additional thickness added to the core of the paddle resulting in ultimate power. New SpinOn included is specially developed lacquer that is applied to the paddle surface creating a higher point of friction resulting in massive spin potential.

Color: Black/Orange

Paddle Specifications

  • Average Paddle Weight: 7.9 oz.
  • Paddle Face: Graphite
  • Core Material:Extended Powercore
  • Paddle Length: 16""
  • Paddle Width: 7 7/8""
  • Grip Length: 5""
  • Grip: HydroSorb Pro