Nike Vapor Lite 2 Premium Womens Tennis Shoe

Nike Vapor Lite 2 Premium Womens Court Shoe

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Fit Tip:
  • Length: True to size
  • Width: Medium
  • Arch: Medium
  • Overall Fit: Little to no break-in

Introducing the Nike Court Vapor Lite 2 Premium, meticulously designed for women's hard court pickleball. This shoe embodies a blend of simplicity and sophistication, delivering playability, speed, and steadfast support. Tailored for versatile players, the Vapor Lite 2 offers a familiar and exceptionally comfortable underfoot sensation that empowers your net volleys and sustains your mobility during extended rallies, all amplified by its remarkable traction.

Experience heightened cushioning through a plush 2-level foam system, ensuring enduring comfort throughout each point. The shoe's extra-durable mesh guarantees breathability, while a molded rubber overlay at the front enhances durability. Thoughtfully placed foam near the arch improves ankle-foot alignment for banking maneuvers, while more robust foam along the outer edges facilitates swift movements.

The herringbone outsole, influenced by data-driven insights, optimizes grip without compromising sliding capabilities, paying homage to the finest designs in the Vapor line. Selective removal of rubber in low-wear areas minimizes weight without compromising performance. Engineered for hard-court surfaces, the Nike Court Vapor Lite 2 Premium features a full-length foot frame on the exterior to enhance stability. Embellished with an enchanting multicolor glow, this shoe becomes your preferred choice for elevated court performance and a spotlight-worthy appearance.

Color: Fireberry/Metallic Red Bronze/Multi Color

Average Weight: 10.5 oz. (Size 8.5 Women's)