Pickleball Tutor Plus w/ Battery Machine

Pickleball Tutor Plus w/ Battery Machine

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Pickleball Tutor is one of the top reviewed portable machines in the world and is the lightest, most portable pickleball machine available! The vast majority of pickleball players will not experience any meaningful spin on their opponents’ shots. Pickleball is different from pickleball in this regard. The smaller court size, and the rules of pickleball pertaining to paddles and balls (references below), specifically discourage spin. However, if you plan to play competitive tournament-level pickleball you may see some spin, which is why we offer the Pickleball Tutor Plus.

Pickleball Tutor Plus is easily adjustable to shoot all the shots you need to practice against including Dinks, Lobs, Serves, Drives, Groundstrokes.

Battery-powered, random oscillation