Wilson Juice Energy Pickleball Paddle

Wilson Juice Energy Pickleball Paddle

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Powerful in performance and eye-catching in design, the Juice Energy amplifies dynamic shot-making on the pickleball court. Its wide body shape is happily embraced by avid doubles players, as its generous sweet spot affords off-center contact during any fast back-and-forth action at the net. Comprising a fiberglass composite construction for excellent responsiveness upon contact with the paddle surface, this paddle offers no shortage of power and depth when the situation warrants it. Paddle is made in the USA and approved by USA Pickleball for competition.


  • PO3 Fiberglass Composite: Strong, lightweight material delivers excellent responsiveness and shot depth. Softer finish adds element of touch and control.
  • PolyCore – X features polypropylene honeycomb core that dampens vibrations for superior feel on every stroke
  • PO3 Fiberglass Composite Face comprises strong, lightweight material that delivers excellent responsiveness and shot depth
  • Clear Spin PWR iTriangle-patterned spin technology on paddle surface generates more controlled power.
  • Stop Shock Dampening Bumper Guard Bumper guard protects the edge of the paddle against abrasions for added durability.
  • USAPA-listed and approved
  • Made in the USA
    • Paddle Weight: 7.8 oz.
    • Hitting Surface: PO3 Fiberglass Composite
    • Core Material: PolyCore X
    • Paddle Length: 15.25""
    • Paddle Width: 8.25""
    • Grip: Wilson Cuhsion-Aire Perforated Grip