Yonex Fusion Rev 5 Womens Clay Court Shoe

Yonex Fusion Rev 5 Womens Clay Court Shoe

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Fit Tip:
  • Length: True
  • Width: Slightly snug
  • Arch: Low
  • Overall Fit: Slight break-in

Master the clay courts with the women's Yonex Fusion Rev 5 Clay Court Shoe. Designed specifically for clay surfaces, this high-performance shoe offers superior comfort and advanced technology. Whether you're an intermediate or advanced female player, the Fusion Rev 5 Clay is your key to success on the clay.

Featuring the upgraded Fusion Rev 5 series enhancements, this shoe ensures optimal performance on clay courts. The updated Fusion Wing on the forefoot provides active support and stability, allowing you to move swiftly and change direction with ease. You'll have the confidence to execute quick lateral footwork and reach every ball.

The Durable Skin upper offers exceptional support and durability. Its synthetic fiber and resin construction provide a secure and comfortable fit, keeping your feet stable during intense matches. The lightweight msLITE X midsole delivers soft and bouncy support, offering cushioning and energy return on every step you take on the clay surface.

The Yonex Fusion Rev 5 Clay Court Shoe features a rubber sole specifically designed for clay courts. The Endurance Rubber II outsole offers excellent grip on clay, ensuring you maintain traction and control during your movements on the court. You'll experience enhanced stability and confidence as you glide effortlessly on the clay.

Take your clay court game to new heights with the women's Yonex Fusion Rev 5 Clay Court Shoe. Its advanced features, durable construction, and specialized design make it the perfect choice for female pickleball players seeking top-notch performance on clay surfaces.

Color: Rose Pink

Average Weight: 12.2 oz. (Women's Size 8.5)